Webinar Replay: “Best Practices for Retirement Income Planning + How a New Tool can Help with Wade Pfau”

RetireOne collaborated with American College Professor of Retirement Income Wade Pfau, Ph.D., on a recent webinar for Advisor Perspectives: “Best Practices for Retirement Income Planning + How a New Tool can Help.” Dr. Pfau joined RetireOne Founder and CEO David Stone and Inside Information’s Bob Veres to discuss strategies for protecting retirement portfolios against risk to support more sustainable spending in retirement.

As clients shift their focus from maximizing wealth to creating sustainable income, they face a greater range of risks, and they increasingly must solve a complex lifetime financial problem. The presentation looks at sustainable retirement spending from investments in light of recent market events and discusses strategies to support more spending by integrating both investments and income protections, such as a new Portfolio Retirement Income Guarantee that unbundles the insurance from underlying investments to build more efficient retirement strategies.

Among the many revelations, David pointed out that this Portfolio Retirement Income Guarantee, our latest development, Constance, is a flexible option for building sustainable lifetime income by wrapping risk during the most critical period in retirement: the “fragile decade.” Wade compared this new contingent deferred annuity, and the protections it provides client investments in ETFs and mutual funds, to having a “put option on the stock market” which could then help increase an individual investor’s own risk capacity.

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