Protected Accumulation Program

Protect client portfolios from market risk

Deliver defined outcomes for your clients with advisory fixed index annuities (“FIAs”), registered index-linked annuities (“RILAs”), and multi-year guaranteed annuities (“MYGAs”) on our fiduciary insurance + annuity marketplace. These solutions help protect clients against market risk and are designed for the way RIAs do business: commission free, billable, and easily connected to your advisor desktop.


Mitigate Market Risk

Protected accumulation solutions on the RetireOne platform offer zero-commission options for protecting against portfolio losses. Guarantees are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuing carrier.


Keep Clients on Track

For conservative clients nervous about market volatility, MYGAs, FIAs and fixed annuities protect clients against market losses so they can confidently keep their money working for them instead of sitting in cash.


Dial Up or Down the Risk

FIAs protect against portfolio losses, and limit market participation via crediting strategies. RILAs offer a measure of protection against portfolio losses with opportunities for higher cap rates via their crediting strategies.

Advisor + Firm Benefits

MYGAs and fixed annuities offer an alternative to certificates of deposit, and protected accumulation solutions like FIAs and RILAs offer a complement to fixed income investments in client portfolios.


Book some Time

Our licensed experts will review a client annuity, service an existing account, or simply present an overview of the RetireOne platform.