Retirement Income

As Americans are living longer, and fewer workers are projected to support tremendous growth in the retiree population, American savers may be responsible for funding a greater portion of their retirements than previous generations. Annuities offer a variety of ways to secure guaranteed lifetime income streams for your clients when they need to replace a paycheck in retirement, and ensure that they don’t outlive their savings.

Client Scenario

Personal Pension

10,000 baby boomers retire every day in the US. Of those, only 32% retire with a pension, and that number is shrinking. When your clients retire, they’ll need to replace a paycheck with reliable, predictable income streams. Low-cost, guaranteed income solutions on the RetireOne platform can be tailored to reach myriad client goals, without forcing annuitization, sacrificing control, or limiting choices. Read how James created a personal pension that’s guaranteed for life.



At 61 and nearing retirement, James’ financial advisor aims to protect against sequence of returns risk and establish a personal pension. Learn how how a next-gen VA may help.

Risks Addressed

Sequence of Returns Risk, Longevity Risk


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