Retirement Income Journal: “Making it Easier for RIAs”

One of the enduring curiosities in wealth management is the slow adoption of no-load insurance products like annuities (see: Stone Writes in Advisor Perspectives about Slow RIA Adoption of No-Load Annuities).

But things are changing. As more manufacturers, distributers, and technology platforms throw their hats in the ring, Retirement Income Journal Editor Kerry Pechter wonders if we’ve arrived at a tipping point.

RIAs are the fastest-growing segment in financial services. As their numbers increase, Mr. Pechter warns: “if your products or services aren’t on the [RIA] platforms, you’ll be left out.” The sum of these efforts represents a big thought shift from the old model of commission-based sales.

What does that mean for insurers and these new RIA-friendly insurance + annuity platforms? RetireOne Sr. Managing Director Mark Forman points out: “We’re not doing marketing for the insurance companies. We’re trying to educate advisors about these solutions. There are no product-centric conversations.”

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