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In Looming Sequence-of-Returns Risk Battle, Annuities are “…the missing piece of the retirement income puzzle.”

Investment News Contributing Editor Mary Beth Franklin reports that two major themes emerged from the recent Retirement Income Summit in...
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Nobel Prize-Winning Economist Bill Sharpe is Looking for a Better Retirement Income Solution

Michael Finke of the American College interviews Nobel Prize winning economist Bill Sharpe about his latest research. “Finding a Better...
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Suite of No-Load Solutions Grows to Meet Advisor Demand, Offering Simplicity and Control

We’ve added 3 new fee-based annuities from TIAA on the RetireOne platform including the Intelligent Variable Annuity®, Investment Horizon fixed...
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Vanguard Signals Increased Probability of Recession by Late 2020

Vanguard has measured a 30-40% chance for a recession by late 2020. The popular fund company (and manager of subaccounts...
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Dimon Predicts 5% Treasury Yields as Advisors Consider Alternatives to Fixed Income

Deep into this unprecedented bull market, everyone seems to be looking for signs that it will come to an end....
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Unraveling Retirement Strategies: Floor-and-Upside

Dick Cotton updated his earlier post on The Retirement Cafe on Floor-and-Upside strategies. The floor-and-upside strategy for financing retirement is...
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Half of Retirees Retire Earlier than Planned

Prudential’s recent research study found that about half (51%) of retirees retired earlier than planned. While early retirement may seem...
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The Return You Need

According to Dick Cotton in Retirement Cafe, one of the most common mistakes retirees make is looking at a good...
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By 2020 Independent Advisers will Control more Assets than Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, UBS Group AG and other Major Brokerages Combined

Business is booming for discount brokerages. But this time the players driving the boom aren’t day traders chasing dot-com riches....
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