Portfolio Income Insurance Program

Create durable, sustainable income streams for clients

Protect your clients’ spending power in retirement with a Contingent Deferred Annuity (CDA). You’ll have tools to assess client coverage needs, measure the potential impact on a client portfolio, and help with implementation.

The CDA unbundles insurance protections from investments so that each is priced separately — which means greater transparency and contained cost.


Build to Suit your Clients

Unbundling allows you to insure your proprietary models. Wrap investments in client RIAs, Roth IRAs, or taxable brokerage accounts with a retirement income guarantee.


Simplify the Client Experience

Transfer risk without transferring the asset. Covered assets remain at the custodian, and asset reallocation or rebalancing capabilities stay with you, not an insurance company.


Stay in the Driver's Seat

The program is powered by a commission-free solution. It is portable, billable, liquid, may be cancelled at any time, and the coverage doesn’t change the tax character of the covered asset.

Advisor + Firm Benefits

Wrapping the risk in client portfolios with a CDA provides certainty of income which may allow advisors to increase client risk budgets.


Book some Time

Our licensed experts will review a client annuity, service an existing account, or simply present an overview of the RetireOne platform.