Annuity Rescue Program

Improve client accumulation by lowering costs

Save your clients an average of 70% in annual fees by exchanging their old, expensive annuities for today’s next-gen, commission-free advisory annuities.


No Commission Means No Lock-Up Period

Zero-commission solutions on the RetireOne platform include annuities that offer improved liquidity over traditional, commissionable annuities.


A Simpler, Leaner Structure

Advisory solutions on the RetireOne fiduciary insurance + annuity marketplace strip out the complexity and cost for improved transparency and ease of use.


Potentially Save Clients Thousands in Annual Fees

Our fiduciary marketplace of insurance + annuity solutions include low-cost advisory solutions from more than a dozen highly-rated carriers.

Advisor + Firm Benefits

Research from IRI shows that nearly half of American investors have owned or currently own an annuity. Attract new clients by offering to review their annuities for them, and letting us help you locate a better solution for them.


Book some Time

Our licensed experts will review a client annuity, service an existing account, or simply present an overview of the RetireOne platform.