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2022 RetireOne + Midland RIA Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey Results

Clients are concerned about the future. What are RIAs doing about It? Whether it’s COVID-19, the war in Ukraine, Social...
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Portfolio Income Insurance - WP

White Paper: Portfolio Income Insurance – Understanding the Benefits of a Contingent Deferred Annuity

In his white paper “Portfolio Income Insurance: Understanding the Benefits of a Contingent Deferred Annuity” Michael Finke, PhD examines the...
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White Paper: Unbundling Investments from Insurance to Solve for Lifetime Sequence-of-Return Risk

Wade Pfau explores how CDA may help solve for sequence-of-return risk In a new White Paper entitled, “Unbundling Investments from...
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Infographic: 2021 Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey

Lifetime Income or a Fully-Stocked Wine Cellar? Of all the words to describe the last nearly 2 years, “uncertainty” may...
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Executive Summary: 2021 Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey

Lifetime Income or a Fully-Stocked Wine Cellar? RIAs understand the critical role of lifetime income in their clients’ financial lives ...
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Richter White Paper

White Paper: The Benefits of Balancing Growth and Protection in a Diversified Portfolio

As interest rates remain historically low, investors and their advisors are seeking fixed income alternatives. Here’s how a next-gen fee-based...
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Jackson Report: Sequence of Returns Risk is Worse Than You Think

Sequence of returns risk (“SOR”), the risk that markets may go south as retirees begin taking income, is a well-publicized phenomenon....
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RetireOne Report: Protecting Clients in The Fragile Decade

The last five working years and first five in retirement can be fraught with risk for American savers. During this...
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White Paper: Managing Risk with Fixed Indexed Annuities

Dr. Wade Pfau, PhD, CFA® recently partnered with inStream to create a portfolio simulator tool that incorporates fixed indexed annuities...
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