Advisor Needs

RetireOne focuses on three primary advisor needs: More Assets, More Time, Less Risk. These are simple, easy-to-understand needs that most advisors can identify with. Advisors want more assets because that translates directly into more money in their business and in their pockets. They want more time because their time is precious, and often they feel they don’t have enough. Advisors want less risk because they fear losing money, losing clients, and encountering legal trouble.

More Assets

Advisors want to grow their AUM, attract and retain clients, and increase money they gain from fees by doing so. RetireOne:

  • Brings held-away annuities under their control with Annuity Transition and Annuity Rescue. These are assets that the advisor would otherwise have no legal way to access or advise on.
  • Allows clients approaching the fragile decade to insure their portfolios with Constance. This may allow for higher equity allocations with the potential for greater returns and more AUM for the advisor. Constance is also a client retention tool and a USP for attracting new clients.
  • Allows advisors to offer fee-based insurance and annuity solutions to clients worried about being able to afford retirement. This is a client retention tool, as well as a USP for attracting new clients.
  • Does not charge you for these services.

More Time

Advisors always need more time. More time to administer their clients’ portfolios, to meet with clients, to attract new clients. More free time away from work. RetireOne:

  • Provides clients with peace of mind, ensuring them guaranteed income for the rest of their life, regardless of what happens to their portfolio. A client with peace of mind doesn’t call with constant concerns and questions, and doesn’t call in a panic when the market takes a nose dive.
  • Handles all the administrative tasks associated with insurance solutions. This means the advisor doesn’t have to find the right solution for the client, fill out the paperwork, contact insurance carriers, contact custodians of held-away assets, or ensure suitability or compliance. RetireOne does all that for them.
  • Provides a platform of best-in-breed fee-based insurance solutions. Because RetireOne maintains relationships with many top insurance carriers, advisors don’t have to worry about who to refer to or which insurance solution is the right solution. RetireOne finds the best solution and ensures suitability.

Less Risk

Advisors want to mitigate risk as much as possible because risk can lose them money or clients and can even land them in legal trouble. RetireOne:

  • Assumes the risks inherent in providing an insurance solution and ensuring suitability and compliance. Advisors need not assume that risk.
  • Allows advisors to transfer a portion of clients’ market risk to an insurance company. This helps provide protection against market volatility, longevity risk, sequence-of-returns risk, and other risks that can deplete clients’ retirement portfolios (and advisors’ AUM).
  • Provides a way to transfer risk to an insurance company without moving the underlying assets with Constance.

 Guarantees are subject to the claims-paying ability of the insurance company.