Build a BOLD Retirement Future for your Clients

With features similar to a “personal pension” Constance contingent deferred annuity can provide:


Consistent, Sustainable Income

To secure your client’s spending power in retirement


A straightforward plan

Simply wrap institutional class mutual funds and ETFs in IRAs, Roth IRAs or brokerage accounts

flat fee

The power of a flat fee

Like a “subscription” to retirement income that remains consistent as assets grow

Backed by the A+ rated strength of Midland National.

Constance is a Portfolio Retirement Income Guarantee

Our proprietary technology unbundles annuity insurance protections from underlying investments. This allows you to use Constance to transfer risk to an insurance company without moving assets.

Customize your asset allocation models and client portfolios to deliver income for life even if the covered assets are depleted (subject to the claims paying ability of the insurance company). You have the flexibility to cover retail mutual funds and ETFs and third-party models in brokerage accounts, IRAs or Roth IRAs.

And since you may choose qualified or non-qualified assets to cover, the insurance coverage does not change the tax status of the covered assets.

White Paper by Wade Pfau, Ph.D

Understanding and Managing Lifetime Sequence-of-Returns Risk

Learn how Constance may help retirees manage sequence risk by pooling their market risk and longevity risk which provides the traditional risk pooling benefits of an annuity with a much smaller “annuity footprint.” This “unbundled” solution can help overcome many of the traditional obstacles to annuity use. By Wade Pfau, Ph.D.

Use Cases

Who Constance Works For

Bridge the "Fragile Decade"

Cover client assets during the last five working years and first five years in retirement for your clients to ensure that a recession doesn’t negatively impact their spending power in that “Fragile Decade.” Constance can be turned on or off, depending on how markets perform.

Increase Client's Risk Budget

By insuring a portion of your client’s portfolio to guarantee retirement income, you may be able to increase equity allocations to capture more market upside.

Insure Against Longevity Risk

Create a durable, sustainable income stream your clients can’t outlive, even if the covered asset is exhausted. (subject to the claims paying ability of the insurer.)

Use Cases

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Complimentary White Paper: "Unbundling Investments from Insurance to Solve for Lifetime Sequence-of-Return Risk"

by Wade Pfau, Ph.D.,
Learn how the impact of sequence risk on sustainable retirement spending can be mitigated in a straightforward way by creating a risk wrapper for the investment portfolio through a contingent deferred annuity.

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