Advisors Like and Need Variety of Annuity Options in Single Platform

In a recent InsuranceNewsNet article writer Katie Thompson cites a 2018 Global Atlantic survey that confirms what we’ve learned over the course of the last few years: Financial Advisors prefer to work with a platform of multiple annuity solutions from multiple providers.

Indeed, an overwhelming 96% of respondents to the survey indicated that they would increase their use of annuities if presented with multiple annuity options via a single platform.

The advantages are clear, especially among fiduciaries for whom a one-size-fits-all solution would not be viable. And while offering many options is great, attention must be paid to the advisor experience. All of that choice can be difficult to grasp. Here are…

Six Things Advisors Like about the Breadth of Choices on the RetireOne Platform, and How we Keep it Manageable

The Bottom Line

Annuities will grow in importance in coming decades as more Americans retire without defined benefit plans to reliably ease their transition into retirement. Ignoring their importance is no longer an option, nor is it an excuse. As Thompson points out, more firms and technologies are coming online “in the digital age” to meet this growing need.