RetireOne In the News: February Roundup

February has been a busy month for RetireOne. There’s still plenty we’re working on that we can’t talk about yet, but one thing we can talk about is the addition of Dimensional Fund Advisors investment strategies to our contingent deferred annuity (CDA), Constance. We believe in Constance and what it can do to revolutionize the retirement industry, and we’re committed to continually improving it.

InvestmentNews reported on our press release:

The annuity, launched last October and known as Constance, allows registered investment advisers to wrap client brokerage accounts, individual retirement accounts or Roth IRAs with an annuity.

“Adding Dimensional’s research and expertise in asset allocation and model management strengthens the Constance offering,” said Edward J. Mercier, President of RetireOne.

Michelle Richter, Executive Director of the Institutional Retirement Income Council, also talked about the news on LinkedIn, including this quote from Nobel Laureate Robert Merton:

A good retirement is a comfortable standard of living, which is measured by the amount of sustainable lifetime income received, and not by the size of the accumulated ‘pot.’ Significant numbers of Americans retire today without the reassurance of an adequate pension. New and innovative lifetime income solutions will be critical for addressing the looming retirement planning crisis. A well-designed Contingent Deferred Annuity offers new and flexible ways to create guaranteed lifetime income directly from IRAs, Roth IRAs, and brokerage accounts.

The Retirement Income Journal also ran a story about the announcement: “Many RIAs would like to give their clients a lifetime income guarantee without cannibalizing their assets under management. A contingent deferred annuity, aka a stand-alone living benefit, lets them do that.”