Fintech Global: “Covr Financial teams up with RetireOne”

Writing of the recent partnership between insurance technology platform Covr Financial Technologies and RetireOne, the publication notes that the two are teaming up to offer access to insurance protections like long-term care, disability, term life and more. “Working together, Covr and RetireOne will produce ongoing educational webinars, create content and provide support for RIAs looking to grow their practices with insurance protections for clients,” the article explains.

Covr CEO Mike Kaelin understands that the fiduciary model is growing, and as consumer demand for fee-based advice swells, they want to help RIA firms integrate insurance into client plans. “Life insurance protection is a critical component of a comprehensive financial plan,” he says. “We want to nurture that growth by working with the RetireOne team to support and educate these advisors.”

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