ThinkAdvisor: “Two-Thirds of RIAs Open to Recommending Annuities”

RetireOne/Jackson 2020 RIA Survey featured in ThinkAdvisor

Michael S. Fischer featured the 2020 RetireOne/Jackson RIA survey in an article for ThinkAdvisor titled “Two-Thirds of RIAs Open to Recommending Annuities: Survey.” The study aims to gain insights into how RIAs allocate client assets, the technologies they use for planning and management, the timing of income planning conversations, and attitudes toward annuity solutions, among other things.

Given the uniquely disruptive of nature of COVID-19 and ongoing uncertainty, the study also measured short- and long-term advisor sentiment around the economic recovery. The survey found that three in Five RIA respondents anticipate the pandemic will cause extensive structural changes to American economy. Recovery is anticipated to take 12-18 months or more.

Conducted in May and June, the study may have sampled advisor opinion through a period of measured optimism as states began to discuss ways to reopen their economies.

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