Gaining Perspectives Podcast: “Making Annuities Available for RIAs”

Featuring: David Stone of RetireOne, 8/17/21

Bob Heubscher interviewed RetireOne founder + CEO David Stone on the “Gaining Perspective” podcast. Bob invited David on the show to discuss the results our joint “2021 RIA Protected Accumulation + Retirement Income Survey” with Protective.

David shares insights about the survey, explains how RIAs may work with outsourced insurance desk, and discusses how life insurance enables advisors to provide their clients with more holistic financial plans.

From the Advisor Perspectives website:

“Insurance-backed investments, or annuities, offer unique benefits not available in other asset management or investment strategies. And RIAs are starting to see the light, according to a recent survey from RetireOne and Protective Life Insurance. David Stone, RetireOne’s CEO, is my guest today, and will outline the results of its recent survey, how insurance products have changed in recent years, and the upcoming innovations in annuity products that financial advisors should keep an eye on.”

Give it a listen: