RetireOne Grows Platform to Include Solutions from Allianz Life to Help Advisors Create Retirement Income Streams for Clients

Client needs changing as fee-based advisors plan for rising rates and inflation.

San Francisco, CA – August 1, 2018 – RetireOne adds two new solutions to the platform this month as RIAs and Fee-Based advisors look for alternative ways to meet client income needs, manage risk and navigate a rising rate environment. New additions include principal protection options from Allianz Life that allow for some upward market participation, while offering some measure of downside protection.

These new additions include the Allianz Index Advantage ADV Variable Annuity, a structured annuity, and the Allianz Retirement Foundation ADV Annuity, a fixed indexed annuity. “10,000 baby boomers retire every day, so the demand for creating income streams to supplement social security is growing rapidly,” said RetireOne CEO David Stone. “As RIAs and fee-based advisors plan to help clients manage the unknowns like longevity and sequence of returns risk, we’re excited to find partners like Allianz Life who are building new products that will help shoulder that risk for their clients, that fit the fiduciary model, and that may help strengthen their clients’ future buying power.”

The Income Benefit Rider available via the Allianz Retirement Foundation ADV (FIA) can help client income payments keep pace with inflation. This guarantee is included and allows investors the flexibility to take income 2 different ways.

The Allianz Index Advantage ADV Variable Annuity is priced competitively with low-cost products in the market, and works well for those looking to replace expensive, old variable annuities with lower-cost options that may provide more protection from portfolio losses.

“Demand for low-cost, fee-based annuities is growing among RIAs—especially those advisors transitioning to fee-based practices,” said Allianz Life Chief Distribution Officer Tom Burns. “We are pleased to be able to offer our products to advisors via the RetireOne platform so that they can help their clients reach their financial goals.”

Offering these solutions from a partner as well established as Allianz Life, combined with the expertise and experience of the fully-licensed Advisor Solutions Team at RetireOne makes this a natural fit—affording Advisors an insurance and annuity back office with tremendous choice at no additional cost to them or their clients.

“For too long, RIAs have either had to outsource their annuity business, or simply ignore it. These Allianz Life annuities are a tremendous solution for our relationship managers to share with Advisors as they look to improve client outcomes and get a complete view of all of their client assets,” said David Stone.

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