Mercier in Advisor Perspectives: Three Lessons from 20 Years of Working with RIAs

RetireOne President Ed Mercier has been working in the RIA space for 20 years. In an article for Advisor Perspectives, Ed shares similarities between his experience serving this audience of fiduciaries, and that of his colleague, Jim Combs.

Jim is CEO of National Advisors Trust (NATC). NATC is one of the largest trust companies in the US. They provide trust services and solutions to RIAs. Under his leadership, NATC has grown from an advisor network of 1,500 advisors two years ago to over 55,000 today.

It hasn’t been easy—RIAs are essentially geographically dispersed wealth managers, each with unique business models that make them essentially disaggregated entrepreneurs who don’t consider our businesses core to their businesses. They can be difficult to locate, and hard to reach. They demand tremendous customer experiences, simplicity, and transparency. Serving them has been transformative

Read the article to learn three important lessons Jim has learned along the way.