Oisin Breen quoted RetireOne CEO and co-founder David Stone in an RIABiz article about Baltimore-based RIA firm Facet Wealth forging a formal vendor relationship with Policygenius.com. In Breen’s view the deal may have come at just the right time for the struggling digital insurance broker. Stone had this to say:

“[It’s] a great move … [and, since Facet’s] clients skew younger [like Policygenius’] and have a greater need for term life insurance than clients of most RIAs. It makes sense to have a term life offering that is highly scalable…”

For IARs who do not carry insurance licenses, the value of a turn-key insurance solution – such as Policygenius.com or an OID like RetireOne – is that they gain a trusted partner who can deal with regulatory hurdles for them. It allows them to build holistic plans, and grows client confidence and satisfaction; they don’t have to shop for an insurance solution on their own, because their advisor already has a company they trust and can vouch for.