Case Study: A Tool for Inspiring Confidence to Stay Invested and on Plan

Featuring George Webb

Wealthy, educated Americans turning 65 today have the means and knowledge to lead healthier lives, giving them the ability to extend life much further than the average American (up to 15 years for the wealthiest men vs. their poorer counterparts).1

This means that the clients you serve and the clients you are competing to serve have a higher probability of living longer than the average American, and their financial plans need to accommodate these longer investing horizons. Is a 60/40 portfolio sufficient? Is 70/30 the better way? Is it 80/20?

For some clients, taking on more equity risk to meet long-term spending goals may be relatively easy. Others need more than a plan and encouragement. Read this case study to learn how George Webb of Pension & Wealth Management Advisors is supplementing client plans with a tool to help keep them on track to meet their spending goals in retirement.

1Source: The Equality of Opportunity Project (