Traditional Whole Life

Sometimes called “cash-value” or “permanent” life insurance, traditional whole life insurance is guaranteed to remain in force for the insured’s entire lifetime, as long payments are made. Whole life insurance is the most predictable type of coverage; the death benefit and cost are guaranteed.

Whole life insurance may be helpful to clients looking for the following

  1. Life insurance coverage for life
  2. Coverage and cash value guaranteed
  3. Guaranteed level cost
  4. The ability to build tax-advantaged cash value in a life insurance policy

The value of a whole life insurance policy is uncorrelated to the stock market and is largely guaranteed by the insurer, so that neither death benefits nor cash values are affected by declining markets.

Whole Life Insurance Product Specs

  • Issue ages: 0 – 85 years
  • Coverage amounts available: $5,000 – $10,000,000
  • Many payment types: single pay, 10 pay, pay to 65 and pay for lifetime

Purchasing Whole Life through RetireOne

Your client simply completes a short online interview, then one of our life insurance experts will call to complete the application and schedule the necessary requirements. In many cases it may require a medical exam scheduled at your client’s convenience at no additional cost. Call one of our experts at your convenience to get started.

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