Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life is a type of flexible permanent life insurance offering a wide range of flexible attributes. The premium amount, type, and frequency can be designed to meet a client’s specific needs and can be changed throughout the lifetime of the policy. The funding options are also very flexible and can be designed to meet different goals and objectives. The overall crediting rate of the policy is tied to a specific market index, often the S&P 500, and can be changed throughout the lifetime of the policy. There are many options for crediting within a given index which will be presented in the policy illustration.

This product is great for clients looking for the following:

  • Potential for market growth with an investment floor that can minimize downside risk
  • Insurance coverage plus the benefit of cash value
  • The ability to make premium payments in a flexible manner
  • Tax deferred growth and accumulation
  • To wait 15 or more years until first planned distribution
  • The ability to add additional funds into the policy in expectation to increase cash value

Indexed Universal Life Insurance Product Specifications

  • Issue ages: 0-85 years
  • Coverage amounts available: $50,000 – $10,000,000
  • Many payment types: very customizable

Purchasing Indexed Universal Life Through RetireOne

  • Request an estimate with your RetireOne Regional Director, and request an illustration
  • Review the illustration with your client
  • Complete the simple online submission

You may also call one of our experts at your convenience to begin the process.

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