Guaranteed Universal Life

Universal life insurance is a type of flexible permanent life insurance offering low-cost insurance protection as well as a savings element which is invested to provide a cash value buildup. The death benefit, savings element and premiums can be reviewed and altered as a policyholder’s circumstances change. Guaranteed universal life insurance offers a guaranteed level death benefit and premium usually to age 100 and beyond.

Guaranteed universal life may be helpful for clients looking for the following:

  • Coverage for their entire life
  • The ability to make premium payments in a flexible manner
  • The lowest cost of protection for their entire life

Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance Product Specifications

  • Issue ages: 0 – 90 years
  • Coverage amounts available: $25,000 – $10,000,000
  • Flexible premium payments
  • Offers long-term guaranteed death benefit to age 100 and beyond
  • Various cash value accumulation features available

Purchasing Guaranteed Universal Life Through RetireOne

Simply have your client complete a short set of questions, then one of our life insurance experts will call them to complete the application and schedule the necessary requirements. In many cases, it may require a medical exam scheduled at your client’s convenience at no additional cost. Your client may also give one of our experts a call at their convenience.

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